Spiritual Life Coach And Reiki Master Light Worker

Spiritual Life Coach And Reiki Master Light Worker

Spiritual Life Coach And Reiki Master Light Worker Spiritual Life Coach And Reiki Master Light Worker

Begin In The Mind Of Confusion. Awaken In The Heart Of Bliss.


Awakening With Angela Video Introduction


Bridging The Gap Between Self Love and Self Deprecation.

It is my mission to support your journey to self discovery, self love and self acceptance. 

To help you get out of your own way and start living a life you love and feel deserving of. 

To be a compassionate companion on your journey. As you identify limited thinking patterns that are running your life and holding you back from the happiness and contentment you desire. I will work as a spiritual mediator between your ego mind and your higher self.

Think of me as a wayshower, as you learn to partner with your innate wisdom to find the answers you need to rewrite these patterns. 

Assisting you to align your life force energy with your highest good. Are you ready to allow your spirit to guide you?


Supportive Journey

Self Inquiry doesn't have to be done alone.

 It is my intention to provide a safe space for you to process mind chatter, inner child self and any emotional debris from past trauma. To engage your ego identity and your authentic self in a dialogue. Allowing the deepest needs of the individual to be seen heard and felt. Most importantly met and witnessed as you emerge in authentic clarity as the true self you were always meant to be. 

You know who you are, the answers you need are inside you.


Experience and Professionalism

As a professionally trained Spiritual Life Coach and Reiki Master. With 17 years of professional experience serving in the healing arts, energetic light work, and innate wisdom studies. I have a proven track record for assisting my clients in feeling better and reclaiming their power in life. I have the tools and understanding to help you to create the life you imagine, and get a renewed sense of self. I can help you change your perception of life so that it is filled with vitality and enthusiasm. 

All Services Are Conducted By Phone Appointment Only

 When you receive coaching with Angela Piccione you are participating in a virtual community that benefits all of its participants by allowing you to pay what you are able. Please read the Service Menu and Price List below. Utilize the "Extra Help & Low Income" tab in the Site Navigation if necessary. 

Service Menu and Price List

Be sure to pick a suitable location where you can relax SPEAK FREELY AND NOT BE INTERRUPTED.

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